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Lead or Rumour info - Kings Mill Hospital Mansfield - Dukeries Education Centre


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Not sure if anyone has posted anything on this as search shows nothing......
The old training and education centre (known as the Dukeries) at Kings Mill Hospital in Mansfield is up for demolition starting within days.
It was boarded up tighter than a god knows what, but now has big wooden panel fencing around it to prevent entry.

There are some obvious access points (if you know where to look), but most of these are also locked up tighter than a very locked thing.

Maybe security may become... slightly more accessable whence demolition commences.

Info on building : Multi storey block, definite asbestos hazards (its why demolition has taken so long from the building of a new T&E centre at the rear of Kings Mill....
LOTS of CCTV from hospital and next door Morrisons Supermarket.
All lower ground windows and doors sealed (from what I have seen before new fencing went up) with heavy duty plywood.

As of Xmas day demolition has not commenced, but sources from within the hospital itself state that it will be starting after Xmas / New Year.

Building will be razed to provide more car parking.

Good luck :)


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Off tonight.. anyone who reads this get back to me and we can meet up... scouted the building and found two entrances to jump over the fence :)