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Report - King's Reach Tower, Summer 2011


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
After everyone saying this place was sealed I never really bothered to check myself. Dicky and I always toyed with the idea of going back to check for ourselves to make our own verdict but nothing materialised, untill one weekend when we had met up with Layz for the weekend.

We decided we would have a look after a lolz fail elsewhere, I'm so glad we did.

We were unsure what to expect when we arrived, were the cameras monitored, PIR's?? also the bar being packed over the road didn't help. After a while of checking the obvious things dicky layz and myself split and met inside, each finding a different way.

When we finally got the top it was such a good feeling to be back, Since then I have been countless times with a few select others, who I thought should have the chance before it all comes out and get ruined again. Hopefully it'll last a while.






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