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Report - Kingsdown Quarry/Swan Mine Feb 2011

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Kingsdown Quarry is also known as Swan Mine, due to the close proximity to the Swan Inn, which used to be the Quarry Managers house. It was a producer of Bath stone, just like the others in the area. Its a fairly small quarry but it has alot of artefacts left, an old crane, tools etc. There was no rail system here, horse and cart was used. In places the cart tracks and hoof prints can still be seen, along with a water trough. Also some nice calcite deposits and 'cave pearls'. Generally in good condition, pretty well looked after with little graffiti and no litter :thumb

We parked up and started off in a smaller quarry to the East. Looking at the survey it may well of linked up and some point as it appears to get very close to the main quarry?

The entrance to this one had recently become blocked due to a minor fall, but luckily another group of explorers/GCers/cavers had cleared the way earlier on in the day. Which was very lucky for us :D

Small squeeze into the entrance chamber, to be greeted with this-





The end chamber


Onto the main quarry next. We passed the old main entrance, would highly reccomend you take a look, but I wouldnt try to go in through it! Sketchy is an understatement. In through the bolt hole entrance nearby, bit of an uncomfortable crawl but better than tons of rock landing on your head.

Looking back at the entrance-


Looking back to the dangerous old main entrance


Photo carnage of various things to see :thumb









Thanks for looking :)

Hopefully will have a decent tripod for more decent shots next time (I know alot of these are a bit lame). If anyone could point towards a decent guide for taking dark photos that would be great. I have a Kodak P850 but I cant work out for the life of me how to get longer exposure on it :( . Using the flash underground just doesnt cut it alot of the time