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Report - Kingsdown/Swan Quarry - Wiltshire - July 2014


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When I get to Junction 17 on the M4 I always get an excited feeling and this day was no different. I had a few work meetings in bath so while down this way it would be rude not to visit a Quarry and Kingsdown was one I'd always missed.

Solo visit.

Kingsdown Quarry started producing stone in 1833 and by the standards of the other quarries in the area like Box and Browns is quite small. Its set into a hillside opposite the Swan Pub and stops the pub from sliding down the hill with chains buried within the workings. It has a number of falls and is really dodgy looking in some areas but this adds to its character. I was surprised by the number tools left in here and the condition of the crane, this made it well worth the effort.

Stone pillar with the fall near the entrance in the background.

Rails in the roof

Hoof prints

Cart tracks


What I came for




Falling out of the mine entrance into the road in front of the pub garden full of punters was a good comedy moment.... for them.

Cheers for looking

The Kwan

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Some nice photies mate, thanks for putting them up. Interesting about the pub sliding down the hill :)


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Nice images mate,im glad some of wiltshire was still open for you :)


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Always liked this one - did you sign the guest book (assuming it's still there)?


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You're lucky to see the crane in its glory, someone recently broke the chain off, and it was only just reattached. I don't suppose you noticed if there were yellow spray paint and blue chalk arrows everywhere? I only ask because they've only appeared in the last month, and I'm trying to work out when it was done


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small but perfectly formed this one. Really enjoy visiting the place. You got some nice pics, glad you finally got around to taking a look :thumb


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I really like Kingsdown... Took the Girlfriend round here on Saturday... Always like to surprise people on the way out by saying "alright, seeya" and jumping head first through letterbox...

The Franconian

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what does it look like on the other side, that letterbox ?
felt no ground, but pressure on my breast when I slipped in;
didn't trust that situation and went back out to avoid getting trapped hanging in a hole
(4 mines, 3 times stuck this day)