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Report - Kingsferry Bridge Internal Section, Isle Of Sheppey - (October 2019)


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Once again, it was troll imitation time, back under the bridged we go!

On a rather dreary, wet October's morning, myself and @James Cross found ourselves scratching our heads for ideas of what to do for our next outing. And after being stuck inside all week due to the atrocious weather, I think it's safe to say symptoms of cabin fever were starting to become more apparent. Fortunately, another forum member contacted me with a tip-off to this location, so it's only right that all credit goes to a certain hero who came to our aid with this little gem, and we couldn't possibly of been more grateful.
So, onto the A249 it was... and it wasn't long before Sheppey was in sight. After parking up in a rather desolate layby, and quadruple checking the motor was securely locked, we made for the location. Once successfully inside, we had the opportunity for a good look around this bizarre concrete maze and managed to capture a decent couple of shots. It's not quite clear what this was originally built for, but has since been used to store piping, road signage, lights and traffic cones. Admittedly, this wasn't an epic, but it did make for the perfect excuse to get out and about.
Sadly, except for a few symmetry shots, there's only so much you can do with 4 identical rows of 10 concrete arches photography-wise at least, so we didn't linger for too many hours. But all in all, it was certainly an interesting day out.










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something I've never seen before from Kent and hasn't ever been posted so well done, good effort. doesnt always have to be'epic'. Always good to see some local infastructure.

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