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Lead or Rumour info - Kingsnorth power station, medway, kent, due to close this sunday...

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It won't be going anywhere for ages, it takes several years to decommission a plant of that size.

'Today, just a few years later, visitors could hear a pin drop in the once-deafening turbine hall.'
Pffft. Bet you can't over all the other kit that will still be running in there.


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Ah cool, so it is now going to be getting demod then, was reading some news stuff, and looked like scottish power had bought it, but not looked properly into it yet


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Not heard anything on Kingsnorth in a while, but it's probably safe to say that security will still be crawling all over the site


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I knew someone who worked there years back, got a chance to wander round parts not normally seen too!


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Yeh I meant the chimney, its still there as I am in medway and see it from a distance every so often.

I know a lot has been going on with the site and some sort of new smaller plant has opened, just had an itch to investigate the chimney before it goes. Thanks for the links, pretty helpful


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Security is still very high! The reason is because the power stations are a potential terror threat so the security has to be high, the whole area and surrounding power stations are covered on silly levels. I know more about the Grain one, only very small parts have been taken down at both locations, they are still 90-95% intact and both chimneys are still standing and will be for some time. The Grain chimney is 801ft tall, the second tallest chimney in the UK, the site will be totally demolished in 2016. The Kingsnorth chimney is 650 ft tall, the site will be totally demolished in 2017.


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So you didn't look at the last two links then? Kingsnorth is nothing but a shell. I'm not sure your info on grain is going to be much more reliable