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Report - Kingsway Tram Subway - London - Oct' 2011


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The Kingsway Tramway Subway was a cut-and-cover Grade II Listed tunnel in central London, built by the London County Council, the only one of its kind in Britain. The decision in 1898 to clear slum districts in the Holborn area provided an opportunity to use the new streets for a tramway connecting the lines in the north and south and, following the pattern of tramway systems in New York (the Murray Hill Tunnel) and Boston (the MBTA Green Line), it was decided to build this as an underground connection.
The Kingsway Tram Tunnel opened in 1906 to allow trams through access from the northern and southern tram networks,
it ran from the junction of Theobalds Road and Southampton Row at its northern end, to the Embankment (in 1908) at its southern end, with tram 'stations' at Holborn and Strand.
At the Aldwych station end it was decimated for the Waterloo Bridge to Kingsway light traffic underpass that utilises part of the Kingsway subway.
Visited with Ratfink and non-member Half-Life.
Thanks to Half-Life for this :thumb



Holborn station platforms:


The roundel was left over from filming - and like some remaining posters down there, they aren't original from closure.

And the entry / exit to street level (One on either side of the platform).


Camden Council storage:


And the end that was demolished to make way for a road tunnel. There was actually the remains of the Aldwych station behind a small door way in a wall cavity. I didn't get any pictures - but the poster boards and tiles still remain.


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