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Report - Kingsway Tram Tunnel, London - January 2016

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Been wanting to see this for ages but I'd forgotten about it until recently when @kkj posted a report. A couple of drunken attempts at sneaking past a seemingly asleep Crossrail security guard a while back hadn't gone as planned so it was put on the back burner. This time however we took a different approach (cheers adders) and spent a couple of hours poking around inside without any hassle. Such a cool bit of London history it's a must see if you get the chance to pop in. Visited with @Adders, @extreme_ironing, an extremely drunken @Monkey and a friend of ours from Germany.

The Kingsway Tram Tunnel is an abandoned tunnel, built to connect the "North Side" and "South Side" tramway systems in the Holborn area of London. The tunnel was constructed between 1902 and 1905 and it was in operation between 1906-1957. It ran from the junction of Theobalds Road and Southampton Row at its northern end, to the Embankment (in 1908) at its southern end, with underground tram stations at Holborn and Strand. Public service began on 24th February 1906. The first journey took 12 minutes northbound and 10 minutes to return, even allowing for the horse-drawn vehicles also using the roads on the overground part of the route.

In 1929 double-decker trams were introduced after works that raised the roof and deepened the tunnel. During the mid 30's all trams in London started being replaced by "more modern vehicles", mostly trolley-buses and conventional diesel buses. All London trams were finally abandoned on 5th July 1952. Over the next 60 years, the tunnel was been mostly left abandoned. A project for a new tram line making use of the tunnel was cancelled in 2008. During the same year the tunnel was used as a film set for 'The Escapist', evidence of the film set can still be seen today. The site has since been acquired by Crossrail who have been using it as a worksite for the construction of a new tunnel directly under the old one up until recently.

1. Part of the tunnel still being used for storing materials
View attachment 667760

2. Apparently these tags are significant, Cos and Fume from the DDS crew. Means zilch to me but there you go!
View attachment 667761

3. Still some live switches and cables down here
View attachment 667762

4. Here the ceiling of the tunnel slopes down as the Strand underpass now replaces the old Aldwych station end of the tunnel.
View attachment 667763

5. Gets a bit stoopy down this end. Live cables run along the right hand side
View attachment 667764

6. & 7. Two small holes either side of the narrow end lead into these cavities alongside the underpass where you can still see the old poster boards on the walls
View attachment 667765View attachment 667766

8. & 9. Unfortunately the ladder at the end takes you no further.
View attachment 667767View attachment 667768

10. Back towards Holborn street signs lay scattered everywhere

View attachment 667770

12. An old staircase leading to the surface
View attachment 667771

13. Film set posters
View attachment 667772

14. Platform down the middle where trams would have pulled in either side
View attachment 667773

15. This is how it looked back in the day
View attachment 667774

16. Union Street poster and tube map also from 'The Escapist' film set
View attachment 667775

View attachment 667776

18. This section retains all it's original tiling in great condition
View attachment 667777

View attachment 667778

20. Still some bits leftover from the crossrail site
View attachment 667779

21. Original tracks running towards Holborn
View attachment 667780

Thanks for looking View attachment 667781

RCM Security

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Great pictures brought back happy memories ,i worked down there when it was the GLC FLOODCONTROL CENTRE .i will t
Very interesting! Great report and shots mate, love the comparison of past and present :) :)
ry and find my photos and post them.
Sub Brit did a visit there just before it was disposed of. I remember it was a bit spooky down there.

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