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Report - Kingsway Underpass -Tram Tunnel, London


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I spent a fair bit of time debating whether or not to put this report up mainly due to the fact I lost half the pictures and half were taken on mobile with a shit camera, but after reviewing what pics I had recently, I thought them seemed worthy of a report

I took a trip into London with a non-member with a list of interesting places we wanted to explore. Having arrived, walked around and seen the tourist sites, we decided it was time to visit some less well-known sites ;)

We unfortunately came across a few obstacles along the way which led to a few leads being dropped (Boo!) nether the less we persisted down our list of “attractions” until we were fortunate enough to stumble across this little gem.

This was interesting discover to say the least!



Opened in 1906, Kingsway Tram Subway once ran underneath the length of Kingsway, taking passengers from Holborn to Aldwych and emerging below Waterloo Bridge.

There were two stations in the tunnel at Holborn and Aldwych, both with island platforms, and in February 1939, the tunnel was enlarged to handle double deck trams - this was achieved by lowering the floor (see pre-rebuilding phot below).

The line operated for less then 50 years, closing in 1952, not long before all trams were banished from the London streets.

Since closure, the sizeable tunnel has been used for storage purposes, remaining tightly closed to the public until artist Conrad Shawcross persuaded Camden Council to open up the space for an installation called, Chord.

The work utilises two large identical rope making machines which travel away from each other as the multi-coloured rope is created.

More details here on Wiki

Anyway hope you like! Drop me a message if anyone is interested in meeting for an explore! Always up for meeting new explorers and finding interesting places (esp. underground :p)

what we saw...kingsway underpass.jpg


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Interesting.. Thanks for sharing!
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Interesting to see your pictures.
I actually went to the exhibition that was down there a few years ago (you had to book a time slot, couldn't just go in) but we were only able to walk along the main part of the tunnel.


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Well done getting in there. Looks quite a bit different since the Crossrail works started - good to see the Union Street poster's still there


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Ah fair enough, never heard of them. Wouldn't exactly say I'm into graff, prefer the poncey street art stuff personally!


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pretty sure these photos predate crossrail, the last I'd seen from the place there was a whacking great shaft in the middle of the section in the last photo.