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Report - Kinmel Hall, Abergele, North Wales - 21/04/07



Here's a new one that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere.

I stayed here with Boys Brigade in about 1989 and inside the place is massive!!

Latest news I found out was that it was closed a good few years ago and sold twice since but owners have been unable to gain a positive planning application so is for sale again.

I visited today and met a couple of kids on bikes and was asking them about it and they said they lived there and they would get their dad. It took him about 10 minutes to turn up in the courtyard and he told me he was employed by the owners to mow the grass and make sure no-one went on the grounds, he also said the owners come and stay there every so often.

Something about what he was saying just didn't ring true so I am going to do a bit of research to find out more. He couldn't wait to get shot of me quick enough, though. I'm not calling him a liar, but what with all the kids there, it wouldn't surprise me if this is some kind of travellers set up - although none of the kids or him had irish accents and were well spoken. (Not trying to be nasty, here - just pointing out that if they are travellers, they are not Irish ones).

Anyway, the building and grounds are massive - I wasn't able to go looking - I was on a "legit" expedition and had the missus and baby with me, as we were on the way to take some external pictures of Gwrych.

Here are some from the courtyard and showing a possible alternate way in. Security (if thats what it is) is non existant - the drive up to the hall is half a mile long straight through an open field, and like I said - it took the guy ages to meet us in the courtyard.






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