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Report - Kinmel Hall Sept 2010


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28DL Full Member
'kin hell hall they should call this.....
It has a bit of a lived in feeling this has.... absolutely stunning though, but there can be a lot of activity there depending when you go so watch your backs.
Anyway, history, Havoc covered a bit I think so I'll not harp on too much, but you should Google it, I'll not post the full link in case their web people see 28dl clicks... just put some dots back in this. www kinmel-estate co uk/html/history.html The bit of that I was really interested in was the fact that basically it was the mine at Parys Mountain that funded this, I luckily had the chance to go down there a while ago and that was staggering too, I'll draft a bit of a report up for that in a bit as well.

Well a few externals first, these pretty much show you why this place earned the name of 'The Welsh Versaille'




Then in and down.... straight into the cellars, some pretty cool junk down there and some odd bits too..... this looked like it was too keep an animal in (hopefully)


A little further along a few more steps down and then into a really odd tunnel, really small too, just about ok for one person, pretty long too, maybe 100 metres or so with a slight curve so you can't see all the way to the end, once the end was in sight there was a solitary chair, I had brief visions of people being tied to it and tortured down and the end of the tunnel... it was about 6am at the time so too early to be getting horny and I put these wild thoughts out of my mind, it was actually being used to get through a hatch in the roof in the floorspace above.




Then back upstairs for a good wander about....




I was destined to have a job sitting at this desk signing cheques and stuff I think...






Well what a great place, cheers to Havoc for intel' , nice one son ;)

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