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Report - Kinnell Church, Angus, Feb 2019


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Really, it's not much of a find in regards to content but it's interesting for the locals nonetheless. I pass it so often at work that I'd never really given it much thought other than it being a great shame that it's rotting away.

Built in 1855 and was in use as a church until 1967. Since there it's just been left to decay which is a great shame as the old manse and surrounding buildings are well kept and renovated, they look superb home's. Can't imagine there'd of been a huge demand for the church given the proximity to Arbroath, Colliston etc and their churches being bigger. The current owners can't appear to be traced or contacted going by the local councils reports.

The inside has been stripped out and there's only small signs of evidence of where the pews and gallery would of once been. The graveyard has headstones going back to the 1700's, though we didn't spend time to check them out as it was absolutely blowing a hoolie and we were frozen to death.

Amazing architecture nonetheless and a shame to lose it.

Photograph from Canmore for comparison









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Nice to see this again. I do love this place, got a real post apocalyptic look about it.


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Thats a truly unholy mound of pigeon poo in there!!

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