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Report - Kirkcowan ROC Post - Ayr Group - 10/05/2009


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Located in the middle of some fields behind the village of Kirkcowan, this post sits by some gorse bushes with an aircraft post nearby. It is locked on the T bar with some evidence of the hasps haven been attacked in the past. Inside it is in fairly good condition with only a little vandalism to the walls and ceiling . A few items remain including desk, cupboard, bunk with mattresses, chemical bog, some paperwork, wooden practise maroon launcher and a few small nick-naks. The floor is carpeted over wooden duck boards but the post is very dry inside with no water in the sump at all.

On with the pics:

Surface - this was a master post as indicated by the radio connection dome on the ventilator.

Interior with some items on the desk

Close-up of the practise maroon launcher (made of wood, cardboard and string) with a ROC Met board in the background.

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