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Report - Kirkdale railway wasteland mooch


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An Easter school holiday explore of a couple of small buildings and some tunnels in the railway wasteland next to Kirkdale Station. This area is where the North Liverpool Extension Line used to run after coming out of the Walton tunnels, ending down by the Huskisson dock.

The first building, G. H. Smith & Co., was apparently an outlet for ‘millions of nuts and bolts’.

There must have been a fire in here so there is not much to see on the top two floors - in the basement are some smashed up little offices.

The other nearby building with the MWM sign was some sort of railway office. Approaching by the scenic route..

….its just a shell.

The basement is part filled with earth and junk.

But off to the side there are entrances into a series of walled up railway arches under the approach road - these connect up to form a sort of tunnel about 50m long. The floor is well below ground level and this space is pretty much invisible from outside due to the thick bushes hiding the windows and holes.

Not much down here.

The final room ends near the Stanley road embankment and is only accessible down a mudslide.

Since we were in the area we revisited an old favourite, the Walton tunnels (three short tunnels and two cuttings). There are plenty of pictures of this on the web e.g. http://www.subbrit.org.uk/sb-sites/sites/w/walton_on_the_hill/index.shtml and a couple of reports on here so just a few pics.

Southern entrance.

Half way.

Northern end - this used to be open a few years ago but is now firmly closed.

Always interesting what ends up in railway cuttings…

….last summer we found a BMX which we fixed up and junior still rides - picture taken near the entrance to the tunnels.

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Thanks for the comments - I should add for completeness that the old railway arches were probably where the nuts-and-bolts shop stored its goods, see pic of the floor below. About 3 - 4 m of construction waste has since been dumped between the two places making the arches almost invisible.


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