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Report - Kirklees College/Huddersfield Infirmary Dec 2015


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I'll put this here as it was originally Huddersfield infirmary, although I can't seem to find much information out about it when it was a hospital.

Quite a large site really, something I just stumbled upon on the way home from work late one night.

Access was quite tricky but after many laps of the place we managed to find a way in. it was 2am absolutely pitch black inside. It blowing an absolute gale, doors, windows and roofing constantly slamming about, there were needles everywhere on the grounds before we got in. Adding this to the fact I hadn't been anywhere for a while, I was a little on edge. I thoroughly enjoyed it and deffo need to get back during daylight.

Pictures are pretty shoddy, as said it was black and hard work trying not to use our torches too much.

Anyway the little bit of history I can find.

There are a few buildings of the campus that are Grade II listed, the admin and business building which was built in 1831 and the statue of King Edward VII which stands outside the admin block in the carpark.

It was Huddersfield Infirmary up until 1965 when the new Infirmary opened.

In 1967 it became the Ramsden Technical College and opened in 1968, there were a few new blocks added to the site in 1969, and in 1971 when the college changed to just Huddersfield Technical College. In 2008 the college merged with Dewsbury College to become Kirklees College.

The college closed fully in 2013 when it relocated to a new campus further up the road.

Apparently it has been purchased by Oldham based Wigget group.

If anybody has any more info please feel free to add it to the thread, likewise admins feel free to move it to other sites. Also I couldn't find anything on here about the site

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What about me @BoroLad lol. Nah looks a decent look round this. And pics look slightly dark but ok. It's deffo a nice little find and thx for report and pics


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Cheers guys. If anyone does fancy doing it give me a shout i wouldnt mind tagging along for a re visit as i missed a lot.


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I think you've done a damn fine job there to be honest in the conditions. Were the needles there for previous medical purposes or where they as a result of subsequent 'users' of the building? The latter methinks...


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Thanks fellas, it honestly was pitch black.

Yeah the needles were from users, tons outside and a few rooms had them in. It wasnt as bad as i'd thought after seeing them outside. There was an article i found on when it got boarded up so i think its been pretty accessible up until now.

I dont know what the medical stuff was about because it hasnt been a hospital since the 60s.

There was also a police department in there but id already packed my camera away as it was on the way out.

Its quite a large site and there was 2 blocks we could t get in so plenty more to see.


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Hey. The old infirmary are the older, listed buildings (the classical building with columns and a statue out front being the main block). These set on fire recently hence all the black inside. The late 60s/70s blocks are extensions when it became the tech college.

I don't think there was ever a police department here(?). I think what you saw were probably "Greater Yorkshire Police" stickers and props as the building was used in the BBC's "Remember Me" drama with Michael Palin recently as a police station.


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Ah right yeah that mustve been it then like i said i couldnt find any info out, i gathered the older buildings were the hospital.