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Report - Kirklees College / Old Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. December 2014 - May 2015


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28DL Full Member
I won't waste anybody's time with a copied and pasted history of the site instead I will waste your time and ramble on. Kirklees college relocated to a new waterfront site just off Chapel Hill only a short walk from this site. Since then the site has stood empty and was recently sold for an undisclosed sum and is soon to be redeveloped.
Around a year and a half ago I climbed atop the old hospital section of this site for a cracking view and a few snaps. To my amazement there was a fire escape hidden on the roof that allowed for easy access, no second thoughts and next thing I am walking from classroom to classroom completely shocked that I had never even thought of attempting to find access before. 5 hours later I left the site (This was still not enough time to see everything) buzzing off my tits at what I had just discovered and eager to return at a later date. I kept this between myself and two friends, I visited this site possibly 20 or so times since then, forever finding new little rooms and interesting things. Metal thief's got wind of this site in early 2015 and stripped the site of its projectors and a fair amount of wiring. I have been very busy with work in the past 12 months and possibly only visited the site once in that time. I saw that this place had popped up on here in December and thought I would take one last look. I revisited the other night to take another look and was very sad to see that even more so than before this site has been thoroughly stripped and the thief's have left nothing that isn't nailed down. These things happen but I guess the fact that I explored this place before any damage was done was why I was sad to see it so trashed. I would have posted a report sooner but I have lost hundreds of images from an external hd and recovering these images isn't proving as easy as I had hoped. I have scraped together a few images of what I could find and thought it would be interesting for people to see what the site was like before it was trashed. Most of these shots have survived because they were shot on good old trusty film :) Anyway enough of me rambling on, I would highly recommend this place to anyone! Loads to be seen.