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Report - Kirklees light railway tunnel, Huddersfield - Jan 2019

oxygen police

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There we was, at the dead of night, with our fate looming over us, a train, chugging along, the conductor not knowing what he was about to find... one quick picture of the train, and a quick hike through tunnel, out through some fields, safe, "lets do this!"


Lets first tell you how we got into this mess... I heard of this tunnel from local rumours and really wanted to go in, having a massive tunnel to our selfs playing music etc seemed like a good idea, plus we were board and wanted a project to work on through our holidays. It stared with a train ride, (thankfully we were going in that direction anyway), from the ride we really got a good idea of the size of the tunnel, MASSIVE, it took the train 5 minutes to ride through, we could gather it would probably take 10-20 minutes for us to walk through, the second thing we gathered from the ride is where we would enter the railway, there was an open gate about 50 minutes away from the tunnel that dog walkers use, it was deiced, at 11 pm we would go to the open gate and hike down to the tunnel, walk through it and fuck off through some famers fields, to get on the main road and go home...


My alarm set off, time to catch the next bus down to shat, I must say when we set off we wasn't the most inconspicuous, a quite small village, with two suspicious looking characters walking down the high street - camera equipment galore, it will be a great night :thumb... we arrived, noticing strate away, a industrial unit facing the entrance, and a big fuck off spot light facing the open gate, FUCK, we pulled our selfs up the little mound, ran onto the railway & went to a dark spot, it was quite the ordeal!


We were on the railway... btw when your in the company of a mad man, your journey will always be fun, it stared off with a lil sing song, and followed with cans of beer been thrown everywhere... I guess this is the guy who is crazy enough in the first place to do this tho.

Apart from the guy who came with me, the hike was pretty enjoyable, theres something nice about been in nature, in the pitch black.. (won't go into detail), there was some mountainous rage and stuff there too, was fun, my friend got a pic of an owl, unbelievable really, that there is wildlife there with it been a coal powered train and all... we were lucky we got this far without been noticed tbh... I have hared & know from friends, that this railway has had a real security problem... kids go down from the derelict mill and burn wool, kids also take the wood stakes out and try to de-rail the train etc, so as apart of the ' crack down on ASBO'S ' act, the police are patrolling the site with regular check ups, plus extra security is been implemented on the railway to catch trespasses. This made our hike to the tunnel ten times harder as if we were spotted by anyone, it was a night in the cell, which, on that night was the last thing any of us wanted. There was also the factor of the dark, as beautiful as it is, it can be deadly. You could say stupidly, we were trying to save out touch energy for pictures and the tunnel, so it was a lot of tripping up and falls for us, which pared up with stones, mountainous ranges and wet ground could end very bad. Final thing there was still a danger factor of the train running us over (lol)... yes as stupid as that sounds, (a little, family friendly, coal train running us over) but there was certain parts of the hike that had no side paths. just shear rock faces, so we was forced to walk on the railway, there was one point where I thought I heard a train (was just a car on the above road) and I thought we was going to die!




(cars going over on one of the many bridges)


(A coal bunker on the way where the infamous train will re-fuel)


(a terrible picture of the mountainous setting that engulfed us)


(looking into the darkness)

At this point we was exhausted, anything the world gave us, we would not leave without going into this fucking tunnel, and the world kicked us in the balls, a train!!! A FUCKING TRAIN!!! No, it cannot end like this we have just hiked for 50mins... so we had three choices, we hide get caught and face a night in the cells, we try and climb the mountainous range and probably fall and kill our selfs or we just follow the original plan, go through the tunnel + run through the fields to get home, just quicker, a lot quicker... we chose the third option. Now running with four touches, two tripods and two DLSRS on wet ground wasn't fun, but we made it to the tunnel, with security behind (refer to top picture)... It went great! We got through untouched with great pictures, we made it, some messing around in some bushes, and home...



(old coal bunker)






We made it out in one piece... after that we wrestled with some nettles, sneaked through a famers field, met a gate, climbed it and fucked off home

cheers to @TheFoxyOne for joining me!




I call bullshit!
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There we was, at the dead of night, with our fate looming over us, a train, chugging along, the conductor not knowing what he was about to find...
Yawn...What could have been a decent report of some track and a tunnel has been trashed by bullshit. It's a heritage line. Trains here are only ALLOWED to run from 11am till 4pm, not at the dead of night!

Post pics of trains in the night, not flood lights beside the track from a log way away, or it didn't happen.


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as said above you just sound stupid and those photos are a joke if you think anyone will believe its a train. you've actually managed to turn a report clickbait...I think that is a first.


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Epic splore bro. Didn't find Thomas the tank engine though did you?


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I would not recomend trying to trespass on all theses heritage railways especially the one in bury.

Also next time i want any more fan fics about your friend in the bushes, I see your friend @TheFoxyOne likes fnaf he will know what i mean;)


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as said above you just sound stupid and those photos are a joke if you think anyone will believe its a train. you've actually managed to turn a report clickbait...I think that is a first.
he needs to realise this is not a creative writing forum for the amount of shit he said.


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You know, I think im just gonna sit this one out and enjoy from the sidelines.

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