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Report - Kitley Cave(s) - Devon (July 2020)


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Thanks to @Adzitude for the nod in the right direction with this one. A lovely little wander around a local beauty spot. I know it's nowt special really, and been done to death, but since we had an hour to kill and were in the area, we thought we'd have a look.


Kitley Caves are a collection of three caves, The main 'Show cave' (otherwise known as 'Shelter cave', 'Bobs cave' and funnily enough 'no name' cave. Kitley caves closed to the public in 2000.
It was originally opened up in the eighteenth century after it had been discovered by quarrying. In the 1970's the caves were opened to the public where you could take a self-guided tour, going in one entrance, through a series of grottoes, and emerging through a second entrance.

(Below stolen from Wiki);

The cave is a fragment of a system associated with the River Yealm. Originally low, the passages were enlarged by archaeological excavation, and the two entrance passages were originally separated until connected by excavation between 1820 and 1835. The Lower Entrance to the north, which is only a little above river level, enters a short passage which after 8 metres (26 ft) passes a flooded passage on the right the water level of which fluctuates with that of the River Yealm. This sumps after 10 metres (33 ft). The main route goes off to the left along a winding passage for some 20 metres (66 ft) to where some steps on the left lead down into The Bedding Plane Chamber. Straight on the passage enlarges, with a large passage to the right leading to a boulder choke. This was passed to reach a chamber some 15 metres (49 ft) high, but the route has since collapsed. To the left, the main path also enters The Bedding Plane Chamber, a low chamber with an area of over 46 square metres (500 sq ft). At the far end some steps enter a passage leading to the Upper Entrance. The caves are bat roosts, and the Greater Horseshoe, Lesser Horseshoe and Natterer's bats have all been recorded (Although none were seen when we were here, much to the annoyance of my girlfriend, who loves the bloody things!)


Yours truly debating where to put my noose;

A lovely little find, albeit a sad one, when we popped out of the caves at the other end and found this;

All the best x

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