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Report - Klinger Factory - Sidcup - November 2013


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28DL Full Member
First report so hold your breath!

Visited this site many times over the past, very popular area for grafitti artists but the last couple of years getting in has been made alot harder with the building of a brand new 8 foot steel fence around the outside.

The location is a very nice place. Quite large with several different buildings, some gaining several floors which then overlook a huge public Tescos and A-road outside (slightly awkward when people start pointing in at you so be careful). Very dirty with a lot of glass everywhere making is a bit of risk if running, would advice to look where you stand as several floors and ceilings give way easily. A couple of the roofs have recently been made a lot more unsteady because of the recent storm, and I would advice not pushing many doors as a lot of things can fall down.

Overall great location, shot several photos shoots in there in the past, and used the location as a backdrop for scenes in video projects. Some photos below.

Also be careful of potential squatters, I almost got Pepper sprayed by one who freaked out when he saw me.







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