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Report - Knicker Brow Weavers Cottage (Saddleworth) - July 2010

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After an interesting few hours at Fletchers Mill, I failed to gain access to any major building and dodging security as they seem very active :( The security guards now have mountain bikes as well!

Still having an hour or so to kill I thought I'd have another look at this building, origonaly it would have been a Weavers Cottage, prior to the industrial revoloution there were many small enterprises weaving from home. The stone building has had a brick extension at the rear which doubled the size of the building, various out buildings have also been added.

I have not found any history about the mill building, the last buisness to use it was Versak Ltd, possibly left in 1998? Looking at what lies around inside the buildings have been used to produce timber items as well as fibre-glass products.

The weavers cottages


The upper floor, showing the timber roof beams


Not sure why the cross, but there were a couple inside?


Acro props holding the roof up, be a shame to see this building fall down


possibly the best bit of the middle floor


I did like this find though, an old thimble on a window cill


The basement with nice stone flags


The other side of the besement


Not the most interesting place, but there were some nice origonal features including some of the workings for the spinning wheels, glad I finally made it in :D