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Been past a few times lately looks empty, police dog training sign on the gate a bit of a give away.

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More info: http://list.english-heritage.org.uk/resultsingle.aspx?uid=1413537

First published Tuesday 26 January 2010 in News
A Bridgwater children’s charity has today revealed that it could soon be moving from its current base, which is eating up funds.

bibic has been resident at Knowle Hall near the town since 1976, but alongside plans to set up services across the country, the charity is looking at new base options in the South-West in a money-saving bid.

The charity said that an increasing percentage of their donations are being spent on the 200-year-old building, money which should be spent on care.

Now, bibic will either seek partners for investment and redevelopment at its existing location at Knowle Hall or relocate to a newer more appropriate location.

Barbara Scruton, chair of trustees, said: “Accommodation for families and easy access links will be a key determinant in the choice of location but it is strongly felt our roots are in the West Country so the new bibic “Hubâ€￾ will remain within a few miles or remain at the current location at Knowle Hall, near Bridgwater.â€￾

The development at Knowle Hall or at new premises will include assessment suites, sensory facilities and offices as well as others making best advantage of the sensory pool and ultimately respite facilities which are urgently required by families.

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Checked this one yesterday! access was easy however the place is alarmed! i have a few photos but we didnt get to see enough to leave satisfied :(