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Report - Kos- Possible Military Observation Bunker


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I wasn’t going to post this as I’m not very happy with the pictures. However, on second thoughts, I though I’d put it up, as apart from the bunkers with the tank turrets in them, this was the most interesting place I stumbled upon. Or nearly fell down I should say. On one hand I love the Greek attitude to Health and Safety by leaving what looks like their version of a sunken Orlit unfenced on the edge of a beach, but I was hot and thirsty and wanted to get back to the apartment. Still, it was too good an opportunity to pass up.


The entrance(?) is a bit overgrown and there was no sign of a ladder. Both open area were covering in rusting chicken wire


Getting in the other end, there’s a low central section joining the two open areas. The one facing the sea has a concrete plinth about chest height on a 5’8†explorer


View toward what I presume was the entrance. Note the doorway on right


This was a small room with a sloping ceiling, a tidemark and a layer of fetid mud about three inches deep. The footprint on the right where some idiot tried to test the depth.


The top of the concrete plinth. There are three elongated U-shaped metal rods fixed into it. Could these have been used to fix the legs of a tripod with binoculars on them? Or are they for a machine gun tripod? In that case why build whacking great concrete pillboxes nearby? There are two close by


View from across the beach. Turkey, (the enemy), is on the right


Here’s another one, hidden in the undergrowth behind a fence, alongside a road about a third of a mile inland. (Measured on Google Earth). This is not far from one of the dome-shaped bunkers I posted about earlier. This road looks like it could be a second line of defence back from the beach area. If I go back, I’m going to take a look along there again very carefully


The outlook from this position. All the buildings are fairly new, so I cannot say whether the road going into the distance is original. If it had mounted a machine gun, this place would have been ideal. Perhaps these structures had a dual role


Thanks for looking