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Kota Kinabalu International Airport Sabah Malaysia


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Ok....here goes! This is my first post at an attempt of a report on a location that I used to travel through while living in Sabah East Malaysia and flying offshore through a huge almost abandoned terminal just outside Kota Kinabalu, which is the Capital of the Borneo region.

I know its pretty lame compared to every post I have admired on here......I actually joined 28DL I think in 2007 or 2008 and was fascinated at the people who manage to find and explore some amazing place.....so I hope this kick starts me into becoming at least half as dedicated as some of you hardcore folks!

Okay....KKIA2, was originally built by the Japanese Imperial Army in WW2 with just a grass airstrip and some buildings I guess that gave them control of this important sheltered seaport, which has remained a regular stopping point for large Philapino, British and US warships. Its also an incredibly beautiful little place with very relaxed views on religion, culture, drinking etc etc without being a seedy or crime riddled resort. I believe its now the second busiest airport in Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur!

Anyway.....the original terminal fell out of favour for some reason and while they were deciding in the 1970's how to repair it, they built a second terminal (which is now Term 1 and the places I am going to try and show you is now known as Terminal 2 or Teminal Lama (Old Terminal)). Its only really kept alive because of the need to fly helicoptors offshore on a daily basis over the past 4-5 years......but the terminal is huge and largely abandoned including the total second floor that was out of bounds but very easy (even for me) to sneak around and soak up the atmosphere of what it once was.......

Like I fully admit, this is going to appear lame as hell to you guys, but posting up here is something I wanted to do for a long time and so, here goes.....

Old arrivals and toilets


Classic old TV survives


huge departures area


It is amazing to see things just left many years ago, gathering dust, pens, labels, clipboards etc etc......something sort of humbling about everything must change and keep evolving....

Thats about it......hopefully it doesn't get too slated as I would like to post another one from Chad in Africa where I am working just now, as there are some very interesting time warp situations here!

But lets see how this goes, and of course any comments and critques for improvement will be taken gladly.




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Good to see, you never know when you get an opportunity to access area folk don't normally get to see :thumb


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Yeah that’s pretty cool mate, and always great to see something new. Great first post!


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Everyone has to start somewhere and this isn't a bad place for a first report !

Nicely done !
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