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Report - Kriegsmarine U-534, Birkenhead

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Loving this whole thread. The lighting is great, photos really do tell a story here. This photo really intrigued me, so so many dials, cogs, etc. So skilled and operatives knowing what to turn and when. I love all machinery photos, but never seen so many dials mounted like this :cool:



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Necrobump! :D I got a job working for Big Heritage who recently bought U-534, we've got funding to build a proper museum and preserve the boat etc. These pics are super valuable since they're basically the only high quality pics of the sub in one piece! I don't know why the Historic Warships guys never allowed cameras inside but thank fuck there's some record of how things were before it was cut up.

I saw this post back when I was 19 and it was one of the reasons I started doing urbex photography, glad it ended up in Noteworthy Reports since it's properly one-of-a-kind.

Anyone still in contact with Snappel/Level2 now he's out of the urbex game? Getting high-res versions would be really useful so we can track how the condition has changed.

2022 pic:

U-534 First Inspection 177S.jpg

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What an amazing report.

I too have a real fascination with the U Boats, and I am in a lucky position to have dived the wrecks of a couple of scuttled ones in Malin Head, Donegal Ireland.