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Report - L.D.V Demolition and Water Tower, July 2011


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Been rather quiet on the forum of late, I've had a really crappy month tbf. But within five minutes of seeing a picture of demolition in full swing I had the donkey on and the car keys in my hand.

About 60 70% of the Drews Lane plant has now gone. Many of you will remember that we battered a good proportion of the site shortly after it closed. We saw a good proportion of the manufacturing depts, but there were still many buildings on the site that remained explored.

The imposing office block which was once the offices for Wolesley motor cars has had it's roof stripped and many of the buildings around it were already reduced to rubble. On the journey to the works I decided the offices were to-nights target.

Access to the site was much harder than previous visits, and cost me two donkey buttons:gay And once inside it became apparent that the fire station that we had :gay been shut up in before was still live and possibly occupied. This made getting near the offices difficult, so I turned to another target... the water tower.

The tower is of iron construction and I had always fancied climbing it for a birds eye view of the works. There was more rubble than works to see these days from the lofty vantage point but it was enjoyable none the less.

Watch this space, there might be a few surprises left in the old girl...