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Report - L&YR Meltham Branch - New Use For Butternab Tunnel South Portal - August 2013


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Over in this list a user has posted a fascinating report on Butternab tunnel. Below are extracts from his report, and some of the pics he posted. Is this a unique use of an abandoned railway tunnel?

The 256 yard Butternab Tunnel at SE127138 has long been on my 'most wanted' list, not least because the NE portal has always been like Fort Knox each time I've visited & the SW end languishes at the back of someone's garden although I did manage to sneak a picture of this elusive beast back in 1993. The new owners of the property were more than happy to show us their fine tunnel once our intention had been made clear & we were not prepared for what followed.

Several years ago I saw a very poor quality image showing the SW portal as being converted to an apartment but it was generally accepted to be a Photoshop trick, ahem, no-it's real! Not only is it real but they have done an absolutely first class job as you can see from the pictures & they also were very happy for me to publish the photos of their most excellent additional living space on these forums. Behind the full-height glass frontage is the living room & games area & beyond this is the bedroom on the balcony above the kitchen.

The portal in 1993:


Undated, but clearly post-1993:


Today #1:


Today #2:


Today #3:


Today #4:

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That's brilliant. I've just been researching this line, never seen this before now. I've read that within the conversion there's a steel door that allows access into the tunnel, any chance of confirming this?