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Report - La Porte Industries (Fullers Earth), Redhill, Surrey - June 2010


Death Valley is Mine
28DL Full Member
Been wanting to get down here for a long time, especially after some advice from Blunders500 months back.

As I always say – am NOT a pro photographer – my pics are purely from a compact Casio. Not out to impress with amazing photographic creations, just to show things how I saw it when I was there.

Explored over two great visits within the past fortnight. Access was good, and never met anyone there – although plenty of chav damage obvious all over the site.

Started in the outer buildings around the entry point – nothing really left except paperwork. Factory amazing – didn’t go up more than one level up as my weight and rusting catwalks would not be a good mix. But loads to see – love the control room – and just the scale of the machinery. Creaking roof quite eerie – always sounds like someone is walking about (which maybe they were).

Explored the labs although noticed the floor has fallen through in an area in one room – so tread lightly.

Progressed over to the social club – very poor condition, but plenty of optics lying around from the bar, and the booze price list was to die for. Next to the social club were what looked liked offices – very dark (and no torch with me – big mistake), so didn’t venture too far in. From the looks of it they really tried to keep this in good condition after closure but, again, its been smashed up pretty badly inside.

Overall a great couple of explores. First was with the O/H, second with an old mate I hadnt seen in over six years but who shares an interest in stuff like this. Now where’s next?

Access road


Particularly welcoming

Is that someone off 28DL in the pic pinned up?



Nothing but paperwork left in the first building we entered:

What a day for it!



Reading other reports on here, always imagined this control room would be up high overlooking the factory - suprised to find it down on the ground:



We didnt dare press it, just in case



Quite how a hoover came to be on the first floor I don't know

In the labs

Locker room

Office diary left over from 1995

Off to the social club / recreation area - slightly away from the main factory site

Always wanted to see what it's like on the other side of the bar

If only


Recreation area notice board

Smarter office block

Chavs had smashed it up, and too dark to explore without a torch
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Death Valley is Mine
28DL Full Member
Thanks Floox - but c'mon, how hard have you tried to find it. What about going to Google Maps and typing in "Fullers Earth Redhill".

You may just find that works...? :cool:


Death Valley is Mine
28DL Full Member
Nice one mate

Yeah it is in a bit of a state, that modern building is completely burnt out now
When did that happen? Any photos? Sometimes I just dont understand people... I mean, who actually breeds the kind of people who think "Oh yeah, today I am gonna go and burn down that big building just c'os I'm bored and a t*sser."

And breathe.....

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