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Report - Lace Factory Nottingham Sep09


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went on a explore recently with shadow to the lace factory,very interesting place with a few hidden surprises like a basement that is sealed full of machines and only way in is to abseil in,we took abseil kit to the building to abseil into the basement weights a bloody ton but by the time went around the building could not be arsed to abseil down,sorry about pictures of the machines under the floors it was taken by lowering the camera throught the floor

fully sealed off basement these can only be see through rotten floor boards

i enjoyed this visit was very good as alot of history in this building


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Better late then never eh? Yeah the door into that basement has since had metal plates welded over it and is inaccessible.

On with pics! Mostly arty ones cos I've been here a couple of times :)

We decided to head for the roof first then make our way downwards, we also climbed across to the block of flats opposite which offer stunning views over nottingham... and a bit of a scary drop :p

Heading back down, past that lovely interior window (looks into another room for some reason, has curtains and everything :confused)

Nice old kit

Playing with my 50mm

Thats all for now folks! :thumb


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What, not a single photo of the lift :eek: It's got to be one of the oldest in-situ lifts I've seen. Sorry I've got to add some pics of it.





Maybe it's only me who has a strange obsession with lifts :confused

Sorry for thread hijack :thumb

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