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Report - Lady Eleanor Holles School, New Arts Centre Crane - Hampton - October 2011


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Climbed with RustProofHawk and a non-member.

After a nice day at the beach and a semi-failed explore at Shoreham Cement Works, I remembered a crane I spotted on the way home from a party earlier that morning.

It's 77ft high / 23.5m and has a very long boom on it. It's for the construction of the new Arts Centre at the school.

Work started on the 19th of August this year, by Higgins Construction PLC. The former art block and music rooms were demolished and foundations laid for the new centre.

Here is a picture of the crane itself (taken off the school's website):


Looking towards Heathrow and Feltham/Hanworth:


Here you can see the three schools that are next to each other on Hanworth Road (LEH, Hampton Boys, Hampton Academy):


This is the crane machinery and electrical boxes, directly above the centre of the crane where you climb up:


Me standing next to the cab:


RustProofHawk and non-member looking north:


The back of the crane with the counterweights:


Here is part of the cab and a fisheye view looking roughly north, taken from the highest part of the crane, one of the platforms used to access the electrical boxes:


50mm view towards Feltham/Hanworth and Heathrow. In the picture you can see the new housing development and Feltham town centre, the church and the red lights on the tower is the big control tower at Heathrow Airport:


Lastly here is the view south-east looking towards what I think are the Crystal Palace transmitter towers:


Thanks for looking.​


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