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Report - Ladysbridge Lunatic Asylum, Whitehills, Banffshire - July 2010


28DL Member
28DL Member
Good Evening All.

Report Number Two!
(Its Extremely close in location to my 1st report site,
They could both be done pretty easily in the same day if so desired)

I won't go too much into the History of the Hospital,
for it has been documented well here already in previous reports.
Essentially consider this an update as to the condition of the site.

Site, being the most apt word for what you'll find if you go.
Its a building site.
Most of the main buildings have been pulled down completely,
And are in the process of being replaced with new houses.

A few large buildings are still standing (just),
But are mostly stripped to the foundations and framework,
the walls are starting to be pulled down.

Only 4 or 5 smaller, single level buildings still remain relatively intact,
Though these too have all been mostly stripped.

There are a load of warning signs about Asbestos Hazard,
And the air is putrid in some of the areas,
(it had rained hard the day I went, so the whole place was pretty sodden inside)

Lots of builders extraction equipment and plastic seals in certain areas.
And there are lots of pieces and chunks of Broken Up Asbestos tiling visibly laying around...everywhere.
So do take care.
I had a basic homemade mask with me
(2 coffee filters and a bandana)
but i doubt it did me much good.
If you do want to go explore, bring protection!

I arrived at Magic Hour as the sun was low,
and made it round fairly quickly.
There is fencing around the whole site,
but the gates were open when i arrived, and no builders were still on site, however, the whole Hospital complex has been overrun by
extremely aggressive, very territorial seagulls.

you WILL get shat on and more than likely, divebombed.
Bring an umbrella (or tripod - Gorecki style)
they always dive for the highest point.
so raise it above your head if they swoop and they'll go for it rather than pecking your face.

health warnings over..
on with the pics!

Obligatory Exterior Shot....




The admin Block I couldn't get into, looks like the builders are using it as a store, so its padlocked down pretty well..


Several of the Buildings are part way through being pulled down.
You can get inside, but there are mostly rubble.
















Homemade Respro..



If you go, do be prepared to encounter Hitchcock Birdy Terror.



And that's pretty much it,
I'll put up a few other angles and other details on my Flickr page.

If its a place you're interested in visiting, go soon,
As i really don't think it'll be there much longer.
I think the earlier reports showed it at a time when there was still
way, way more to see and explore.

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