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Report - Lagoon and Beaufoys Caves and Tower Hamlets Tunnel October 2011


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There is a lot of maps & details and such on a local history forum put together by the guys who first posted this last year or so ago.
I visited this first in November last year and although I posted elsewhere I didn’t get round to posting on here for some reason.
Now a revisit has long been in order so that I could attempt to get better pictures from my first visit and so that Space Invader could get down to have a look….

Visited again with Fortknox0,Frosty,Obscurity and of course this time Space Invader..

A general run down on the place…
The main tower hamlets tunnel is about 550 odd foot long and about every hundred yards or so are spurs for toilets.
Just over half way down is a wall with a convenient gap knocked through leading on towards beaufoy’s caves which has been back filled with builders rubbish and lots of sharp nasty bits to navigate.At the end of the Arp tunnel there is a toilet block and blocked exits and from there is the area used for storage/workshop by the plumbers,entry into which is now sealed unlike my first visit..
There are Blast walls running along the length of the tunnel and just past a slabbed over sealed street entrance you turn left into lagoon caves where there is a toilet block at the far end of the caves with toilets still semi intact and there are signs of where the kitchen area once was….

History never was my strong point so I have cobbled together some of the info from the local history forum which is a well written and full account..Right on with some pics from my revisit

This is looking back along the Arp (tower hamlets tunnel) just before lagoon caves


Section leading to the tower hamlets tunnel from the lagoon caves


Now a few from in lagoon caves



Toilet block at the end of the caves





Back into the main tunnel looking towards the bricked wall just before the builders rubbish blockage


Another toilet block in beaufoy’s caves



Looking down just after the long crawl over broken shower doors and rotten wood


Now sealed passage into the workshop area beyond this was obviously still in use


That concluded my revisit,and in a way im glad I hadn’t posted the original up on here the pics where awful....:thumb
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