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Report - - Lancaster Moor - 15/03/08 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Lancaster Moor - 15/03/08

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Awaken at 5:30am, cold, leg cramp, mist obsuring view. Yes were road tripping up north!

After 4 hours of 'car sleep' me, Rooks and Rigsby met Azubi to have a go at The Moor. I remember this place first time around, we hadnt heard anything from there for ages but our interest had been re-awakend lately when Ridds and Fieldy made a visit on thier road trip last month.

Ambling towards the asylum we catch our first glimpses. It LOOMS!


We know security is tight here, most people have to make an escape rather than an exit, acess was simpler than expected but the lower floors are seriously alarmed so we left those untill last.

Entering the building we found a room to lay low untill sun up


With the light slowly growing we made a move, checking out wards and corridoors on the way to the other side of the hospital.





The place is pretty stripped but suddenly we turned the corner and spotted something totaly differant! The sight of the green and orange curtains attracted us to a lovely toilet/bath/shower block that appeared to have been neglected when the place was stripped. It felt like something out of Cane Hill rather than a stripped bare Lancaster Moor.




After a while of snapping we suddenly hear voices. We froze, they we so clear they sounded like they were in the same room as us! luckly it turned out to be security chatting as they did their rounds direcly below us.

We dicided it would be wise to move on so we headed further down the single big long corridoor that transects the site (i can see why they call this style of asylum corridoor plan now!) We reach a door and peering through the glass we see the mainhall, we also see some lights! maybe PIRs we think so we detour up to the 2nd floor via some awsome stairs.


I spotted this strange cell, i double took, Is that padding?! alas it was not, yet it was still some kind of high secure cell with window shutters and other gubbins.


Waltzing around some more wards it was now nice and light and easier to take pics




Next we had back down onto the 1st floor and round to the other side of the hall. The PIR turns out to be emergancy lighting viewed side on so we head onto the balcony



We were nearly done up on the upper floors with only admin left to check


After some deliberation we dicided to try and head on down and try and dodge the alarm, That lasted all of about one millisecond as Azubi headed down he heads straight back up agan, 'Shit it tripped it!' we consider for a second but dicide we might aswell have a 'quick peek' before making our escape. So video camera rolling we start franticly legging it around the bottom floor! Down corridoors, into the hall, out of the hall down another corridoor! Time to leave! Shit wheres the Stairs!

I managed one pic of a strange fenced corridoor


We head out at top speed, passed beeping alarms and find ourselves outside legging it, Azubi and Rigsby are over the wall before i know it and i follow but damn we fogot someone, the one in the red coat! She gives me a look of total dispare as she relises shes not going to make it over before the 2 secuirty bods in hot persuite make it to us. Damn so close! :(

In all fairness to them they were sound and let us go after a breif telling off so if your reading this mr security SORRY! Enjoy the pictures :thumb