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Report - Langdon Hole (Dumpy B) Dover....May 2019


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GR8 photo's, love the special effects you have created.
I must find this place & take my daughter as she is into photography & abandoned places.
We have found lots of interesting places at Dover Western Heights & she has some awesome photo's.


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Langdon hole (Dumpy B)


Venturing underground is like entering Mother Nature’s vagina whether it’s a naturally formed cave system or a man made void like a mine or bunker.
The underbelly of existence hidden away beneath your feet.
The cool damp air that caresses your skin or the velvet darkness that envelops you can be a comfort to some.

Langdon hole was constructed sometime in late 1942 as a forward communication post for the main facility under Dover Castle, one of two in the area the other being Long Hill.

As the war raged on in Europe it leaves me wondering were these tunnels already here before the war broke out and just adapted for military use or were they driven into the white chalk at a time when man power was scarce.
I believe the latter being the truth showing the ingenuity and hard work of the British people when the future was uncertain.

The corrugated vaulted tunnels and rooms were sealed in 1979 but through natural erosion and probably a little digging from curious explorers the shelter has been open for quite a few years and easily accessed just off the coastal pathView attachment 823983
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Great pictures

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