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Report - Langdon Lights, Langdon Bay nr Dover. April '09


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More of an excuse to put some transparency film through the F5 than an explore, I decided to take a walk down to the beach.

Langdon Bay, Dover, Kent.
Three searchlight positions for the battery at Langdon were set into the cliff just above Langdon Bay, the only means of access being via a steep, zig-zag path down the cliff (Langdon Stairs) or from the beach via a metal staircase. The western most searchlight position has vanished in a cliff fall - the other two still exist but are showing signs of severe corrosion and some vandalism.
The lights, known as Coast Artillery Searchlights (C.A.S.L) or 'Fighting Lights' were powered from a generator on the cliff top and were designed to run continuously during the hours of darkness with the metal shutters around each emplacement closed. When needed, the shutters would have been opened and the lights brought into use almost instantly.
Graffiti etched into the chalk walls of the tunnel suggest that the positions were manned during WW1, whilst during WW2 the eastern position was used to house the Fighting Light, powered by a 22kw Lister engine, for Fan Bay No.1 gun.

All shots taken on Fuji Sensia RM200 on a Nikon F5 with a 20mm Nikkor. Scanned on a Plustek OpticFilm 7300.






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