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Report - Langley Maltings, Oldbury - March 2011


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Well peeps, this is the report of my debut explore.. What I like to call 'The Midnight Visit(s)'. As it was our first we decided to try somewhere local. Many of you have been here before so I wont bore you with the details, if you are interested you can view the full history of this building here.

We (myself and my mate Lecter) made our first visit to check out the surroundings etc.. The sky was clear and the night was very dark indeed! We spied a rather conveniently placed ladder up to a window, armed with 1 torch between us Lecter was the first up the ladder, insistent that I stand at the bottom just in case (and I quote) "there are any monsters." (¬_¬) - It was at that point I realised we weren't going inside that night!!
I took my turn up the ladder, and then we walked around the wasteland adjacent.. Threw a few stones into the canal and then returned, disappointed, to the car. A few shots were taken in the process:
(I will apologise now for the poor quality pics, I absolutely cannot afford a DSLR camera, so untill that time comes I am stuck with the ole faithful compact, lighting conditions were terrible, obviously, what with it being midnight and all, and 'tripod' is still on my shopping list!)

1) The room through the window

2) The colours caught my eye here

So we returned a few days later, my boyfriend joined us and we came armed with an extra torch.. Feeling prepared and safe in our numbers we set off on our merry way. The sky was a lot cloudier that night and the light pollution mixed with smog from nearby factories set the sky alight with a rather unsettling orange hue. With the added advantage of more light we discovered we had completely missed the easiest way in.. :doh: What a muppet.
As my two gentlemen exploring companions employed the 'ladies first' technique, I was first inside. The place is in a real mess, but the longer I was there, the more I wanted to see! We checked out the ground floor as best we could. Many of the rooms laden with corrugated metal sheeting and other assorted junk and not really accessible without a bit of a scramble, and through fear of disturbing any lodgers we decided it would be best to keep noise to a minimum.
We have vowed to return in the daylight in the next few days to take some better pictures, and explore the upper levels of the building. Can't wait!! Until then, this will have to do.

3) Rusty old shelving unit in the first room, and some nice spooky patterns from the fire damage.

4) I read a previous report on this building that detailed someone having to hide from Hi-Vis demolition people in a kiln.
Maybe this was the one!

5) Seeing this tickled me somewhat...

6) Another kiln, a little further down the main corridor.

7) I walked through a narrow office like room with a few desks and caught the reflection of my torch in the corner of my eye, and noticed I had stumbled upon this tragically enchanting, grubby little mirror.

8) Sadly the lift is gone, and the lift shaft opens up into the night sky!

9) Here's me getting all artsy with a bit o' rubble..

10) And finally... Urbex: The Real Industrial Revolution!

Stu and Lecter with an old hammer and skillet that we found (and left) in the maltings.

by bagthathag, on Flickr

I hope you have enjoyed my report.
More WILL come!


Bagthathag :thumb


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