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Report - Langport ROC - Somerset 03.03.10


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Good evening Ladies and gentleman. This is my first report/post so please be gentle…

I am new to the world of urbex so thought I would add I little report of my own. I realise Langport had been done a few times before but thought it was a good place to start after taking some advise from Urbanity.

This particular post is actually on my way to work and I have passed within 200m or it every day for the last 6 years and only learned of its existence last weekend!

Monday evening on the way back from work my friend and I stopped from a quick reccy to find the location. Unfortunately after running up and down what felt like a 45 degree hill to no avail my mate called to me from the next field that he had found it!

Even after seeing so many photos on here I really didn’t know what to expect and to be honest it felt like an early episode of LOST finding the hatch lol

Unfortunately I had neither a torch or a camera with me so as far as we got was to open the hatch take a quick snap on my phone and bugger off home.

We returned the next evening a little better prepared with my point and shoot, torch and an addition pal with his lamping torch! Plenty of lighting…


I was the first to descend in to the darkness and I must say my heart rate did raise a little but once the torch was on I felt a lot happier… even more so when joined by my friends.
Very little remains apart from a chair, three mattresses and a few odds and ends as im sure you have all seen in previous post.
My personal favourite random item shown below(government property :p)


Here are a few shots from my point and shoot… will take the SLR next time out.



We didn’t stay for long as to be honest there is only so long three men should spend in a small under ground bunker together for fun. Also the mention of what might happen if someone were to close the hatch saw us ascend rather quickly!


Sorry to ramble and my apologies if I’ve buggered anything up. Look forward to any feed back anyone can offer and I look forward to more explorations in the near future

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