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Lead or Rumour info - Langton Dock Pump House (Liverpool, Aug, 2017)


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Spotted this on a ramble along the outer dock walls. Google implies it’s well known, on a top ten list of endangered buildings produced by the Victorian society:

“A red-brick sentinel stands slowly crumbling at the edge of a container park. Its ornate appearance belies a practical role: it originally contained the steam engine to operate the locks at Langton Dock.

Later on, as shipping declined, the dock was left to languish; time, neglect, and Atlantic rain have left the pumphouse looking cragged and derelict. Thanks to its remote location, however, the usual stalkers of abandoned buildings, crime and vandalism, have bypassed it.

The pumphouse is certainly savable and should be regarded – like many buildings on the docks – as a valuable example of Britain’s seafaring history as well as a dramatic piece of architecture. The port owners should repair this impressive building and the council should pressure them to ensure that the work is carried out. It could, perhaps, find a new role as a unique and striking dock office.”

The building is surrounded by a busy container port, with the attendant security. A polite request at the main gate to take some pics was refused. Consequently returned some time later on a fine summer’s evening and walked in by a ‘non-standard’ route. Took a few snaps of the exterior, and was just heading to the invitingly open door when security arrived. Foiled again - the security lady’s main concern seemed to be that I wasn’t wearing a high vis jacket!

Pics - nothing special, you’ll find similar on google.
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Good effort I've try this several times and always been put off by security at the gate, i think trespass laws are different port side..i really want to see this inside.


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Yes, although the building is wide open its a bit of a problem getting in without some sort of invisibility cloak.
Should anyone feel inclined, approach from the water might be possible, but this dock gets two container ships a day - the morning one docks right in front of the pumphouse (can see it on googlearth; the evening one docks round the corner)


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Ive tried a couple of times as has @dweeb. Unfortunately its one of those places that has only got harder as the years go by.. That said a dedicated local would probably piss it


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looks a lovely building, but is this really a report as such? sorry if I'm speaking out of turn, but all I see is two very nice external shots...


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Agreed - this is really a fail . I just stuck it up a challenge. Also a lesson learnt: don't faff around trying to get nice pics of the outside - go straight in.


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I tried years ago and got caught when I was almost in.

The guy was sound and told me he used to let people in before security got tighter. He said there was a huge chalk pin up in the main room, I guess similar to the one in the 6 sided clock.

I hope someone gets in one day before it becomes a roofless ruin

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It is lovely, I know that Lyster built the dock itself but the pump house looks like the work of jesse Hartley, however unless Peel Holdings can make yuppie flats or a shopping complex out of it they just dont give a flying fuck about its wellbeing or lack of.