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Lead or Rumour info - Lansdowne Place Hotel, Hove


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Hi all –

I've not seen any threads or posts online about explores here, but this site is just down the road from me and is practically begging me to enter it, oh matron.

From a brief recon: ground floor doors and windows are tightly secured, as is the basement parking lot. Back garden accessible over a 10ft brick wall. First floor windows not secured; one is open, but very hard to reach. Site appears to be owned by KPMG.

Question, then: does anyone have any information regarding it? Anyone done a tour there themselves? I think it may not be around for long; there's rumblings in the Argus about it becoming another effing block of flats, sigh.


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Locked up pretty tight, as with most places in Brighton and Hove it's a big target for squatters