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Report - Last look at Hellingly Asylum, East Sussex


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Long time lurker, first time poster due to hearing that Hellingly's demise was in full swing from the developers. I decided to venture over there to see what stage they were at. An opportunity arose and was exploited.

I know this location has been widely explored and very well documented on 28DL by much more experienced UE's than myself, but I thought I'd post my findings seeing as its unlikley this treasure trove buried in the Sussex countryside will be hosting any more visits in the future.

For the unititiated. Hellingly hospital or East Sussex Country asylum was a facility completed and opened at the beginning of the last century, designed by a leading hospital architect at the time called GT Hine. Set in just over 25 hectares of countryside, having its own social outlets, water facilities and even its own railroad to bring in coal from a nearby supplier, the hospital operated and ran with almost self sufficient autonomy. Staff living at the hospital as well as the patients. It began to undergo systematic shutdown and department closures over the years for varying reasons. Until finally closing its doors in early 1994.


Since then, the hospital has suffered numerous attacks of arson and varied degrees of vandalism.




Although this venture is now my third explore, this place was a ot more unsettling than I expected.






I didn't even notice this was writing on the floor till I got home. By this time I heard some voices outside, and was busy concentrating on taking steady shots with the time I had.



The new homes are already up in some sections of the old grounds and upon leaving, the girlfriend wanted to go in and check out the show home, but didn't seem right somehow. Besides, an old relative was a supplier to the hospital decades ago and said it was a "frightful" place.


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