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Information - Lavakeller Mendig / Eifel / Germany / 06-2013

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I found this pics in an older folder, just a tourist museum visit;
but I found them worth posting up here since they show an unusual stone quarried under ground.
It's Lava Basalt, left in earth from an eruption of the Wingertsbergvulkan 200000 years ago.
The stone is quarried under ground, since it is overlayed
by 30 meters of eruption material from the
Laacher-See-Vulkan, 13000 years ago.
The stone was used for millstones, the underground quarries were changed to beer cellars
middle of the 19th century, when the millstone industry went down.
The quarry belongs to a museum, (no really worth a visit), the underground tours worth is,
to have it seen.
A typical tourist thing.
The Eifel area is worth to travel with open eyes,
some vulcanic material quarries are to be found on ground, still working.
Also there were / are underground slate mines.



active quarrying of different sized vulcanic throwout material


active under ground slate quarry with production
the slate has to be split wet from mountain and may not dry out
If I remember right, they said that slate is quarried cheaper on ground in Spain nowadays

dump of production waste

old slate mine (grilled)

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