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Report - Lavoir de Peronnes-More Angles Than Your Wangle can Dangle. Belgium 2011


I should have danced all night
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Lavoir de Peronnes wouldn't look out of place in David Bowie's Goblin King's Court of Disorder. I half expected the thin white duke himself to come running down the upstairs at any moment. If only..........My first awakening to the existence of the opposite sex was David Bowie in his grey tights playing Jareth in Labyrinth. How disappointing to learn the reality of dating didn't consist of magnificent costumes and running around gardens with goblins.

Lavoir de Peronnes was such an off the cuff place on our list that we nearly didn't go there. It was pouring with rain in one of the thunderstorm-ridden afternoons that we had grown to expect in our time in Belgium and the last place we looked at which had 'Lavoir' in the title was an "I'm NOT getting out of the car" jobby.

Thankfully, after a bit of arsing around going in the wrong doors (very Labyrinth), we finally made it inside expecting in to be completely wank. Au contraire! What a beautiful sight did bestow itself upon thine eyes! Angles here there and everywhere. Peronnes was what a 10-20 lens was invented for so please excuse the quantity of photos.

It's like Millennium Mills's bootillicious cousin. Damnnn has this woman got some curves.......