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Question - Laws of going on to a working site


Hello All

Had a quick search through the forum for laws about going on to a working site but couldn't really find an answer. The reason I ask is a few months ago whilst taking a visit to Longbridge tunnels I spoke with a friend who works at Longbridge now about them and he mentioned a couple of entrances that were in one of the production lines and that the line or building had still not been used since the closure, he had a bit of an explore there himself. We had already found the outside entrance to the tunnels but decided to have a little explore of the production line that is not used anymore. He was right and there were still a few MG/Rovers on the line they were pre-paint but full 75 or ZT bodies so I'm guessing the block was the Body in White block.

Anyway my question - we never broke entrance into the site or into the building but what would of been the consequences of being rambled? Is this still a civil trespass matter even though parts of the site are in use?

BTW this is still a good interesting explore and still lots to see ;)



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Theres no difference as far as the actual laws involved go.

You will find once the police and courts get involved there is more likelyhood of them treating it 'more seriously' but if you don't break the law then they can't touch you conviction wise really.


Thanks for the reply

This was pretty much what I thought, although on that site once your in the building no one would know as I don't think anyone goes in there to check. The entrance we used was flooded so I guess you would only be caught on the grounds making your way to the building which I doubt anything would ever come of it.

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