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Report - LDV Vans march 2010


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28DL Full Member
After hearing on here about this place getting demod and failed attempts to get in, myself altitude and jonnyconrete set our sights on getting in one last time to the site.

after a much faster entrance than our previous explore we headded into the factory and got the following shots. whilst taking photos i trned around to see mr security driving into the factory at which point we hit the deck but lost mr altitude, after they got out had a look and cleared off we found him but they was not entering from the other side we lay low till they went and got into a more discrete place of hiding. MrA wanted to continue so we entered another unit but now they was on foot with torches looking for us..... :popcorn we found another place of hiding and then decided to get out of there. after 3 failed attempts of finding an escape we chose the hard way from which we entered, within seconds we was over 1 of2 barbed wire fences and was on our toes... half way to the exit point we spotted them walking straight towards us so we hit the deck after lying there, heart rate racing, we heard "wheres my F***ing torch" at which point we thought we was spotted but knew we had the safety of atleast one fence between them and us. we stayed perfectly still the torch beem that now seemed 20x brighter than it is flashed by us 3 times and stopped, right "Go Go Go" MrA said and we was off to the exit point and away god knows how they missed us :wanker was an epic explore one for the memorys. anyone looking to go here the canapys have sensors and alarms on them that was silent on our entry bu as we came out they went wild so just a word of waning.

Anyway, My last photos i will be getting of this place sorry there isnt many but mind was on other things



Have a Look See if you can see us





Thanks :thumb


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