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Report - Lea Castle Hospital, Kidderminster - April 2012

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Lea Castle Hospital near Kidderminster was an NHS care centre for people with learning difficulties. Some are full time residents while others are just day patients. It was built in the 60s but since then it's been downsized and many of the older buildings have been abandoned and replaced with newer ones on the same site.As well as a center for people with learning difficulties it was also used for adults with mental health illnesses and drug rehabilitation amongst other small out reach facilities..
In addition it borders onto the old Hereford & Worcestershire college of Nursing and Midwifery which was absorbed into Worcester university in the mid 90s..

The whole site now stands empty..its like a small village all of its own and totally abandoned..

I was actually lucky enough to be working with people with terminally illnesses/mental health issues in the 90,s and visited this place when it was a lively bussling facility which covered a large catchment area..Cut backs and smaller residential homes/schools opening up meant that funds were running dry and in 2008 she closed her doors..

For me personally, ive often wanted to get in and have a look around but was always aware of how secure and boarded the place was...after having a bit of a mooch around the boundries and researching it a bit we decided to give her a go..

security patrol the site 24/7 with guard and dogs...also the NHS have very cleverly allowed the local travelling community to graze their horses in the grounds some living on the site in caravans and in return they keep an eye on it for them....hmmm... The army also have a building that they use for training and they have acces to several of the empty buildings for training...

so considering we had the travelers who asked us what we wer doing on there just as we were leaving..seccu and dog who also walked past us just as we jumped in the car and an army man who also found us and asked us what we doing then reminded us that in half an hour they would be running round firing blanks at each other...i think we did pretty well..

Visited with Perjury Saint

it was sleeting and raining and i had no tripod so apologies for poor photos...






















Tucked away at the end of a corridor a nice green soft seclusion cell with 4 inch thick door and peep hole..further down this corridor is a two way mirror room.









Robert Matthews

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Hello i was just wondering if i could ask you a Question do you know if you can get permission to go on the Lea Castle centre area I used to go to Alexander Patterson school and I've heard its all private land there now and I've also been wondering what's going to happen to all the Buildings there too. I would be very great full many thanks Robert.


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Does anyone know if this is still here and accessible?
Hi yes it is still accessible, I have been recently with mates. However whilst we were there noticed some of the land is occupied by the off person in a car. we also could not find any entrances into the building :) If you want someone to go with feel free to message me :)


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Does anyone know if this is still here and accessible?
There was a group of a good 15 of us who attempted going twice last year and both times there were security cars and men on foot with high voltage torches on site. If you can find a way to get round them then I imagine you're in, however I can't see it being there for much longer as it looks like its being torn down and possibly turned into housing etc.