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Question - Leads in reading, Oxfordshire and berkshire area


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28DL Full Member
New to urbexploring does anyone have any leads in berkshire, we checked out a place last night but it was heavily secured so we're looking for more! Going to take a go pro with us and see what we can find and any tips more into exploring indoors abandoned places that look spooky haha but anywhere worth a look would be appreciated thanks in advance! (also I tried the map feature but sadly doesn't work on my phone)


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Locations aren’t usually given out on here especially to new members, use google, google maps and google earth that’s the easiest way to find places, you have to put a bit of work in if you want to find places, I’ve spent hours before searching for certain places, there’s loads out there if you look and once you get the hang of it you will find it easier :thumb


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Not a lot in Oxfordshire at all, that's all I will say so don't waste too much time searching.