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Report - Ledston Luck Colliery - Castleford - March 2015

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Ledston luck Colliery


Decided I'd go and have a little wander up to the site of Ledston Luck Colliery this afternoon, it's a place that's fairly local to me and has been in the back of my mind for a while, it's just been a case of finding the time to go over and take a look. I'm glad I did, the place certainly has a charm about it, and I enjoyed having a look around the old engine and winding houses, it's just a shame the machinery has been removed. That said, the overhead cranes, the winder's lever controls and the smart Edwardian styled tiling remain. Most buildings on site have now been converted and make up a small retail/industrial estate. Access to the two buildings has never been easier, simply open the front doors and you're in...


Ledston Luck pit was sunk in the 1870's and later formed part of the “superpitâ€￾ of interlinked workings around Selby. Ledston luck miners where the last to return to work after the miners strike, a year to the day after the National Coal Board (NCB) announced plans to shed 20,000 more jobs in the next financial year. This was due to the Mine manager deciding to stamp his authority on his workers, when they arrived for work after the last day of the stike they found he had chained the gates shut saying he'd decide when they could return to work, not them. Their pit would be closed less than two years later. The two winding Houses were built in 1911 and where among the first to use electric winders, at a time most other mines were still using steam.


External Shots

As it where, back in the day...


As mentioned pervious, both the winding and engine houses where constructed in 1911, the Winding House is pictured below...


And the Engine House...


The Engine House

Let's take a closer look inside the engine house, sadly I couldn't find any archive shots of the engine that resided here.








One last one before the Winding house


The Winding House

I manged to find this archive shot of the winder that sat in here, sadly this too has been removed.


My pics...



'The world isn't as bad as you think' it's hard to believe that statement when you see the state of this once thriving colliery...


The Winders Control Levers.


And that's all from this place, don't go expecting anything epic, but if you're in the area I'd say the place is well worth a look! Especially if you're a bit of an industry nut like me!

Cheers for reading :thumb


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Nicely shot mate :thumb

Yeah the local gypsies emptied it a long time ago but for some reason left the heavy stuff ? maybe it"s even too open for them ? at least they still stand which is a novelty these days :)
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The Amateur Wanderer

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Yeah the local gypsies emptied it a long time ago but for some reason left the heavy stuff ? maybe it"s even too open for them ? at least they still stand which is a novelty these days :)
Surprised they did, local pikeys will have owt, still like you say it's nice there's still something to see here! :)


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yes nice shots, errors in your description though, they are both winding houses, with electric winders, so no engine house. Pikeys didn't take the winding gear either. But someone has pinched the winding signal lately.

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