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Report - Leeds Girls High School (June 2015)


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LGHS was founded in 1876, at a time when female education was limited but expanding. Frances Lupton and other members of the Ladies’ Honorary Council of the Yorkshire Board of Education decided that campaigning for access to the universities was of little use without better all-round education for girls, equivalent to what boys received at traditional academic grammar school. Established interests prevented the use of existing charitable funds, so Lupton and her colleagues created a new way forward: a joint stock company.

The school motto was Age Quod Agis, which means "do what you do". While seemingly tautological at first glance, it is in fact a corruption of the Biblical exhortation, "whatsoever thy turn thy hand to, do it with all thy might". The pupils were divided into four houses, named after the four patron saints of the United Kingdom: Andrew, David, George and Patrick. Girls were placed into the houses that their families had been in before them. There were various house competitions throughout the year, mainly sports and arts orientated, the main one being the house music competition during the spring term (Wikipedia).

The Explore

Myself and my brother set off from Manchester to Leeds on a hot day sometime in June last year, the plan was to have a look at this girls school that was apparently empty, from the inside preferably.

Once at the walls of the school I found an open first floor window which I managed to climb to, my brother didn't fancy the same route so he kept on walking, looking for an alternative access point.

Once I was inside I had a wonder in a few classrooms and down a hallway or two before bumping into my brother. He said he saw a cat walking along the back of the school and through an open door, he followed it and was in the school too, bit weird but fair enough.



I wasn’t too into photography at the time of explore so was more just into walking around a building we weren’t supposed to be in, theres something about that which I found quite exhilarating, even more so nowadays that I do solo explores .





Im assuming the building was used as a set for some tv show following the schools closure. We found an old lab coat with an attached fake id badge for Dr Sarah Witney of St Mathews Hospital, as well as a few signs littered around the place.





When I was at school we were given chips and beans, judging by whats written on this menu, these girls were given Salmon and broccoli jacket potatoes. I don’t like salmon anyway but I’m just saying.




The science labs were a personal favourite bit for me on this explore. They say that your school days are the best days of your life, I’m not too sure about that but upon walking into an old chemistry lab I felt like I was transported back in time to when I too attended classes in science labs. At one end stood a black board, covered in chalk dust; letters, words and names covering it and yet not a single one from the periodic table, an odd bunsen burner layed out, lacking the gas, spark and desire to test any experimental hypothesis, a stool overturned, a text book half open and half who gives a fuck, ye, these science labs transported me right back.











Moving on from the science labs, we walked into a room full of some kind of retro looking cassette players built into the desks as well as chucky headphones neatly laid out on the desks themselves. I was pleasantly surprised they were all still present, what a present for the lens to capture.




Im guessing this has something to do with educating the girls about the menstrual cycle, I just kept walking as its non of my damn business.


From what I remember, the classrooms in general didn't have much left in them apart from a few tables, textbooks, and education related rubbish.




Once we did a walk or two around the school we decided to call it a day and left through the open door the cat had led my brother to.

My names yusiffffff on Instagram, if you wish to see my pics from other explores then do so.

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