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Report - Leeds Girls High School (Rose Court Infants School) - January 2015


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This second report from the Leeds Girls High School features the Rose Court building which is situated on the same site and the main senior school building. Rose Court was purchase by the High School in 1912 and I believe before this functioned as a private residence. Built of stone construction in a Georgian design the building functioned as the Infants School catering to the 3 to 7-year-old age bracket. I believe the nursery itself closed before the Seniors school, but I cannot find any information to confirm this, I am just speculating with the extent of the weather damage in comparison to the main building.

Rose court was actually very interesting internal and had many more intricate internal features than the senior school. The main attraction had to be the entrance hall and cantilevered staircase which led up to a first-floor landing with a pale blue domed ceiling and support columns. The mahogany handrail atop the cast-iron balustrade was another cool feature but sadly spoiled by some clear plastic paneling around the landing section presumably to stop debris being knocked onto pupils below. On the ground dloor there was an impressive oval room with large solid rood doors which led on opposite ends into 2 other large rooms with decorative ceilings.

I believe the current plans involve converting the building into apartments and the entrance hall is expected to be gutted despite the fact that the building itself is Grade II Listed. The state of decay is getting pretty bad due to the building no longer being water tight and I saw scaffolding had been erected the last time I drove by so hopefully some efforts will be made to save the structure even if it means the loss of the lovely features inside.

According to Leeds Girls High Online the architect is thought to have been John Clark, as the design of the stair hall and the cast-iron balustrade is identical to those in Woodhouse Hall, Hyde Terrace, also by John Clark.

Our Visit

Visited with Raz, Pete ‘Hands’ Costello Andy de Kay of Behind Closed Doors and Matt, I was much more impressed with this place than the neighbouring building. Mainly because of the interesting features and the fact that the building was clearly older than the Senior Building it just seemed to have a lot more character to it. Not really much to say about the explore itself, we were in and out pretty quick, it’s not a huge building but lots of nice stuff to see and shoot. Enjoy the photos











Higher res copies of the above photos and a few more on my website: Rose Court


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Nice ones :thumb

I take it this is the one that Weatherspoons were going to convert ?
Oooo not sure on that one mate, its possible but its not that big of a site... there is another building on the same street which is empty and looks a little larger / more suitable for Weatherspoons but I dont know for sure bud. Lovely little place though this one just a shame about some of the stuff around the staircase, I'd have liked to have seen it when it was originally built but havent been able to track down any old photos of it.

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