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Report - Leeside Road Gasometer, London - January 2014


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My first gasometer with Gabe and sirjonnyp. The beast took forever to climb – and my legs felt it the next day (probably more from being crammed onto that tiny platform at the top to take pics actually)! The climb was accompanied by constant tannoys from Tesco ‘The store will be closing in 15 mins†– strange because you lose sense of reality being up so high, but then there’s always Tesco to bring you back down again! Kept thinking I’d see see floods of people pour out the store at any minute but never did; just workmen from the bus depot next door but no one seemed to notice.

There was a large gap between where the ladder started and the ground below so had fun getting down – with a helping hand from Jonny as I slid down a slippery pole next to the ladder so elegantly (I’d like to think :rolleyes:).

I’ve always been fascinated by these things so great to finally get one done – cheers to GAJ for the info. Next I need to work on my local one in Barnet ;)

The gasometer was part of the Tottenham Gas Works which ceased production in 1972.

The gasometer still in its cage in 2006:

And pics of the night…






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