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Report - Leeside Road Gasometer, London, March 2012


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Like most people, I've always had a bit of a fascination with these ever since childhood and wanted to stand on top of one as it went up and down. Despite climbing a 'live' spiral one to do just that in my early teens, and getting caught halfway up the first ladder, I've clearly missed the boat quite considerably due to them all being decommissioned. Oh well.

As with many Gasometers there is very little history available for this particular one, although it was once part of the Tottenham Gas Works which used to dominate this area until it ceased production in 1972. Of the 3 remaining gasometers, this one is the tallest and I have looked at it every day for the last 6 years as I can see it from my office. When assessing the risk/reward factor I've always shied away from doing it due to the 24 hour nature of the business in the area. That, and the 8 foot palisade fencing with barbed wire kind of put me off enough to never bother. Until I found a nice way in....

There isn't much of note in the following photos as, despite seemingly being the brightest place on earth at the lower 2 ladders, there wasn't enough light on the structure to do it any justice from the top. Which also happens to be the most uncomfortable place I've ever set up a shot. Thank fuck for the Manfrotto Super Clamp as the platform wasn't wide enough for my tripod at its lowest.




I need a wider lens..



I stuck around for a while waiting for better light. Pointless exercise.





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